Training on your Terms.

Phase One On Site Customized Training is consultation based training of Phase One and Capture One products and workflow scheduled at your location and at your convenience for either a half-day or full-day. Part of your registration fee includes a consultation with the instructor prior to the training to determine your studio’s specific needs. You get to choose what topics you want to focus on during your training. Number of attendees attending the training is at your discretion, but we do not recommend more than 12.

Length: Half-Day (4 Hours) or Full-Day (8 Hours)

Location: Your Choice*
*Transportation fees may apply if located outside New York Metropolitan Area.

Starting at: $1495 for 4-hour half day or $2295 for 8-hour full day.

Contact us for your training consultation.


Training Overview:

Please see our standard training topics below. However, you may choose the topics that are applicable to your group and you also can select from the Consultation Topic Menu. As a general guideline, covering all of the standard training topics will require an 8 hour training.

Partial List of Standard Training Topics:

  • Advanced Interface Customization
    • Dual monitor setups
    • Fixed-multi-point focus evaluation
  • Cataloging and Importing
    • Advanced preset handling per ISO and lens
    • Verifying the catalog
    • Automatic and Manual repair of corrupt catalog
  • Backups and File Transmission
    • Session COS backup and adjustment transmission
    • EIP format, including manual extraction utility
  • Tethering Tools
    • Settings for machine-gun shooters
    • Advanced Overlay usage
    • Avoiding death-knell of Composition Mode
  • Capture Pilot
    • Set up for off-site real-time eval & feedback
    • Requirements for simultaneous device access
  • Advanced Image Adjustments
    • Using the R-G-B level tool in high ISO images
    • Leveraging LCC for incident-light-evening
  • Skintone and Color Editing
    • How to create a skintone black hole
    • Product-specific color patch matching
    • Profiling cameras
  • Scripting
    • Advanced workflows using basic scripts
  • System Optimization
    • Ram headroom evaluation
    • Dual boots and bootable backups
  • Troubleshooting
    • Auxiliary file locations and purposes
    • OS <–> SDK interaction
    • OpenCL variations
  • Bugs vs. Quirks
Contact us for your training consultation.

Consultation Topic Menu
(pick and choose based on hours available)

  • All of the Standard Training Topics (listed above)
  • Color Profiling
    • Monitor color spaces
    • Hardware vs. Software monitor calibration
    • Profiling devices including lighting-specific camera profiles
  • Lighting
    • Flash duration measurement types
    • Flash duration clipping implications
    • Outcomes from differing spectral responses
    • Capture One plugin for controlling lighting hardware
  • Swings, Tilts, and Focus stacking
    • Using focus mask for evaluation of swings/tilts
    • Real world Scheimflug methods
    • Software vs. Hardware perspective correction
    • Focus stacking capabilities and limitations
  • Digital-Era Issues
    • Focus issue (microadjust, hardware alignment issues)
    • Diffraction softness at higher apertures
  • Archival maintenance and migration