Kina: Schneider 150LS + Schneider 45LS

Phase One announced two new Schneider LS Blue Ring lenses at Photokina.

Schneider 45LS Blue Ring

In 2015 the Schneider 35LS Blue Ring set a new standard for wide angles. Now a new Schneider 45mm Blue Ring carries that new standard forward into a focal length previously missing from the Schneider LS Blue Ring line.

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Schneider 150LS f/2.8 Blue Ring

The previous Schneider 150LS f/3.5 Blue Ring was a fine lens, but we received many requests for an ultra-fast telephoto, especially from portrait and fashion photographers. This new 150LS boasts significant optical performance improvement as compared to the 150LS f/3.5, not just new housing. It has extremely low chromatic aberration and is extraordinarily sharp wide open, even on a 100mp sensor.

This lens replaces the 150LS f/3.5 Blue Ring, but if you’re looking for a bargain we still have a couple of this previous generation. With the rush of Photokina we may not have time to list them on our online store, so contact us now to nab them before we do.

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Complete Line

With the addition of these two new lenses Phase One now has a line of twelve Schneider Leaf Shutter lenses, eleven of which have been updated in the last three years. For more information on the Blue Ring revamp of the Schneider lens line see our previous articles: Schneider Blue Ring Line Expands to Zooms and New Schneider Blue Ring LS Lenses.

Download Raw Samples

We have added the below Schneider Blue Ring Raw File Comparison (folder X44) to our Massive 100mp Raw File Catalog.

Phase One Schneider LS Blue Ring Lens Test