Capture One Pro 10
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Capture One Pro is the best raw processor and best tethering software on the market. The latest release, Capture One 10, continues to on Phase One’s focus on professional photographers and serious enthusiasts. You won’t find Flickr integration or t-shirt-ordering plugins, just useful workflow tools to help you get more out of your images and spend less time doing it. If you’re looking to master Capture One we might suggest our upcoming classes.

The latest Capture One version is 10.2

New compositional grids have been added too, for example the Fibonacci Spiral and the Golden Ratio. This allows the options available in the IQ systems to be used in Capture One and adds more ways to achieve a desirable composition.

Finally tethered transfer speed gets a boost again with the new Phase One IQ3 Digital Back.

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Top New Features

Speed Speed Speed

Phase One recognizes that many of its users are editing large volumes of files. The viewer and browser have both received under-the-hood rewrites to improve speed both while navigating through a set of images (i.e. faster image switching) and faster image review (i.e. zooming to 100%).

Better Sharpening

Capture One now features three stage sharpening, featuring an industry leading deconvolution aglorithm, and a what-you-see-is-what-you-get proof mode. That means whether you’re sharepning a low res file for the web or preparing a massive fine-art print Capture One has your back.

Tangent Support

All the buttons, dials, knobs and switches of a Tangent keyboard now completely integrated into Capture One. Adjust your images without touching the mouse and fly through your next edit, 

And more

Read our blog article Capture One 10 – The 10 Best New Features for more great new features.



Capture Pilot

With Capture Pilot, you can trigger a capture remotely* and browse, rate and examine images remotely, as they are shot. Capture Pilot enables a wireless connection between a web browser or iOS device with the current Capture One Session or Catalog.

Let your clients follow the shoot and give feedback with Capture Pilot to ease up the workflow and save time selecting shots for further editing.

Use the smooth Live View functionality with the IQ2 50pm, IQ3 50pm, and IQ3 100mp based camera systems, including full zoom capabilities.

It even includes geo-tagging functionality, allowing for the tagging of images with location data, both synchronous with the shoot, or at a time offset from the actual shoot.



Capture One DB

Capture One DB (digital back) is a software option that not all users realize is available. Capture One DB is a full working version of Capture One for digital backs only. Capture One DB’s only limitation is that it does not support DSLR files or JPEGs.

Capture One DB is:

  • Free of charge for all Phase One Back users
  • Updates from version to version are always free of charge
  • Can be installed on as many machines as needed
  • Activation code is not needed to use
  • Internet access is not needed to use

More Features

Camera Settings tool

The new Camera Settings tool enables you to configure many of the settings of not only the new Phase One XF but other models from Canon, Nikon, Sony and more. So, as opposed to digging through the menus of your camera, simply search for the term in the Camera Settings tool and adjust from there.

Advanced File Naming

Capture One will help you ensure consistent file naming from shoot to shoot. The improved naming tool enables you to create customized, token-based naming systems with ease. Choose your own combination of text and tokens to create your own bespoke naming system and apply it an individual photograph or a group of images. Use the new filename search & replace to correct mistakes in the names of several files.

Edit Photos in External Applications

Perform additional editing, retouching or photo manipulation in external applications with just a few clicks. When you are done the edited images will be saved right back into your session or catalog for future safekeeping. Future edits on those images will also be reflected and updates in the session or catalog.

Local Adjustments

Capture One Pro 10 has a full complement of Local Adjustments. Fine-tune details with for instance luminance noise reduction and white balance in targeted areas of your images for unlimited creative control. Work directly on the RAW file to ensure maximum quality and detail retention and save time by making all adjustments in ome application.

Film Grain

Capture One Pro 10 has unique Film Grain tool that lets you add grain directly to your images to mimic film stock, hide noise or simply for creative effect. The advanced Film Grain algorithms are based on a physical model for how light interacts with silver halide to create authentic grain that is fully scalable and natural to the eye.

Repair Layers

Capture One Pro 10 allows you to completely control the content of your images and to remove unwanted objects or blemishes. The new clone and heal layers allow you to perform simple cloning or advanced healing, with full control over the size and shape of the affected areas.

Recommended System Specs

  • Use processors with multiple cores, e.g. Intel Core i7TM or better
  • Have 16 GB of RAM or more
  • Leave plenty of hard disk space free for your images
  • A fast hard disk e.g. a Solid State Disk (SSD)
  • A fast Graphics card from NVIDIA or AMD, e.g. AMD Radeon 7950 (Mac) / AMD R9 290 (Win) or newer, with minimum 2GB RAM.
  • We recommend using the Mac Pro (late 2013) containing the dual AMD D700 GPU.