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We are excited to announce the DT Capture One Styles Pack which provides a cook book of Capture One looks. They have been developed by the instructor of our Capture One Masters Program based on years of work consulting with a variety of photographers. The range of looks provides something for every genre of photography, whether portrait, fashion, product, landscape or other. Below is a bit of history of how this style pack came to be.

Read more below on the included styles, how to purchase and how to install.

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Powerful. Easy. Flexible.

The looks contained in the DT Capture One Styles Pack are as broad as they are carefully crafted. They cover everything from subtle skin tone enhancers to extreme adjustments that are otherwise impossible to manually achieve in Capture One. They are meant to create beauty, solve visual problems, inspire creative experimentation, and reveal powerful tool combinations that many users would never otherwise uncover.

Like any good cookbook they are just the starting point for your own creativity. You can scroll through dozens of looks, find one that suits the image, and then tweak the results in any direction you please. Since (with the exception of the Overdrive styles) they leverage existing Capture One tools the components of each style are yours to see, so using the styles doesn’t just accomplish specific unique looks, it helps train you on what combination of tools are useful to create specific looks.

About the Style Categories

DT-Styles-Demo-02-DT Ode - Breeze

DT Ode – Breeze                     


DT Ode – Normal                    

DT-Styles-Demo-01-DT BW 5

DT BW 8                 



DT-Styles-Demo-01-DT Effects 5- Tintype Alt

Tintype Alt               




DT-Styles-Demo-11-DT Peacemaker - 2

DT Peacemaker – 2               



DT-Styles-Demo-06-DT Fire and Ice - 3 (1)

DT Fire and Ice – 3              



DT-Styles-Demo-07-DT LA Office - 2

DT LA Office – 2                   

DT-Styles-Demo-07-DT LA Office - 2 - flipped

DT LA Office – 2 Flipped                       

DT-Styles-Demo-08-Darken Sky - 3

Darken Sky – 3             

DT-Styles-Demo-08-No Style

No Style            

Capture One Styles Pack Overall Use Suggestions

None of our styles use white balance, as this would limit their use to specific lighting situations. Instead where we warm images we do so with color editor, curves, levels, or color balance. Therefore we suggest you white balance your image to a fairly neutral state before experimenting with our styles. This is not required and you are free to experiment with applying our styles on images that are white balanced to be warm or cool.

I love hot sauce. I love caramel sauce. But they don’t compliment every dish. Similarly while we believe firmly in the quality and utility of every one of these styles it is quite important to note that for any given specific image many of our styles will look strange or out of place. Moreover image aesthetics are subjective; one man’s elegantly understated sepia tone is another photographer’s dog poo. So if you don’t love a style after trying it on several different kinds of images, delete it. Life’s too short, and menus are too full, to keep something you don’t love. You can also consider rearranging the folder structure of the styles to include a folder called “purgatory” where you put styles that you don’t think you like, but which you haven’t resolved to delete yet.

You may love a style, but wish to tone it up or down. In some cases we’ve provided multiple variations of the style for just that reason. But you can also modify a style and the save it back to the same folder. Remember, what we’re providing are C1 styles, not a black box, so you can edit them or save new versions as you please.

Where possible/relevant we have provided guidance on the type of adjustment being made, or the use case it might be suited for. However there are no hard and fast rules in image adjustment and these names are just guide posts. Feel free to use a People Pleaser style on an abstract photo of a red rock, or a Darken Sky tool on a blue dress. In other words: if it feels good, do it.

Some of the styles do strange things when used on images with blown highlights. Be on the look out for strange cross over colors, tinted highlights, and other artifacts when adjusting high key images. This is not an un-missed error; it is a natural limitation of some of the risks we have taken to achieve unique and powerful looks.

Some of the styles make drastic adjustments to the tone and color of the image. How well a given image holds up to this depends on the technical merits of the file (as well as the aesthetics and subject matter). For instance a dSLR file will not handle strong adjustment as nicely as a Phase One medium format digital raw file. So if you’re adjusting the image from, for instance, a Canon 5Ds and select a style which pushes the shadows three stops the result may not be very robust in the shadows (e.g. you may get noise, or banding, or strange/poor/warbling color in the shadows).

Included for free with your purchase is the DT Overdrive Style Pack. This pack is very different than the others. It contains hacked adjustments that are not otherwise possible in Capture One. Because it is a hack it is absolutely, positively, NOT guaranteed to work and may even cause significant issues. Install and use them at your own risk, and only use them on copies of valuable files. Capture One was not designed to work in the way that DT Overdrive styles forces it to; they purposely blow past limits and safety stops in the software to provide unique and otherwise impossible-to-achieve looks. They are included, as much as anything, as a curiosity to nerds who like to push limits and see where things break. If you are a more casual user, like to play it safe, or don’t want to deal with the potential (likely?) ramifications of purposely mis-using software please do not install or use them.


These styles were developed with Capture One 9.1 and latter in mind. If you are using previous versions of Capture One these styles may not work, and we do not suggest trying. If you do not own Capture One please consider purchasing it from our store (Buy Capture One). Also, since the styles use many adjustments which were introduced in version 9.0 or 9.1 they may not work on images that are still using earlier Engines. To see what engine an image is using please go to Base Characteristics. If you see anything other than “Capture One 9” next to engine we would suggest upgrading the engine of that image before applying any of our styles.

DT Capture One Style Pack works with both Mac and PC versions of Capture One. 

Installation and Use

Please make sure Capture One is installed and working on your computer before purchasing our styles pack. Capture One is NOT included in your purchase; you must separately own and install it.

  • Do NOT use the Import Style command within Capture One or all 130+ styles will be dropped into a single folder, which will lose the nice folder organization we have provided. Instead…
  • Purchase from our online store
  • Download the zip file of our styles (link is provided at time of purchase)
  • Unzip

The next step depends on your operating system:

  • Mac: Drag the folders into your user library (need help finding your user library? read this).
  • Windows: Drag the folders into UsersusernameAppDataLocalCaptureOneStyles [version number]

Please keep your own backup of the original DT Capture One Styles Pack zip file.

If you have difficulty please contact support@digitaltransitions.com with as much detail about the problem you’re having as possible.

For basic use see these two YouTube videos. These videos show styles in Capture One v8, but the styles tool itself is unchanged in version 9.