Phase One 50mp Digital Back and Kit Bundle: Special Pricing

Update: This promotion has now ended, check our blog for the latest Phase One promotions, specials and sales.

DT is happy to announce a new special price for new Phase One IQ150 digital backs and Phase One IQ150 XF camera bundles.

Starting today, new IQ150’s (any camera mount) start at $14,990.00.

This is applies to all current camera mounts. Hasselblad, Contax, Mamiya RZ Pro II, Mamiya DF, Mamiya AF, Phase One XF, the list goes on!

Looking for a full camera kit and not just the digital back sensor? Luckily you can grab a Phase One XF Camera Body, 80mm LS Lens and the IQ150 at $18,990.00

Leasing is available on both digital backs and kits but hurry as this offer is available only until the end of June, 2017.

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