P+ to IQ upgrade specials

The news of yet another round of major features added to the Phase One XF may have our Phase One P+ users feeling a bit left behind. The P / P+ series, last updated in 2008, was a mainstay of the Phase One line for nearly a decade. But its FireWire connectivity, incompatibility with the XF, limited Live View, and limited ISO range have led many of our clients to inquire about upgrading to a more recent Phase One system.

So we’ve worked with Phase One to run one last upgrade offer for P or P+ users. We don’t expet not expect there to be another special offer made to upgrade from the Phase One P or P+ which was last updated in 2008. If you have a P+ and would like to upgrade to a modern Phase One solution this is your best and last chance to do so. Our P45+ clients especially will be very pleased with the trade-in value we’re able to offer for their legacy P+ back; it’s so attractive we don’t even feel comfortable publishing it.

Upgrade From Upgrade To List Price Lease Price (per month)
Any P+ IQ150 $11,394 as low as $232
P65+ IQ180 $9,996 as low as $213
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Any P or P+ IQ180 Contact Us Contact Us
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