Kina: Phase One IQ1 100mp

The Phase One IQ3 100mp has been shipping and in strong demand for eight months now. The newly introduced IQ1 100mp has the same great sensor and image quality, but eschews some features and package inclusions (warranty, hard case, etc) in pursuit of a lower cost of entry, and widening the range of our 100mp offerings. Read about the differences on our freshly updated IQ3 vs IQ1 blog article.

Because the IQ3 100mp and IQ1 100mp share sensors, all the images in our massive Phase One IQ3 Raw File Download apply equally to the IQ1 100mp.

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Digital Transitions spends all day, every day, helping clients find the best way to make that happen. Leasing an IQ1 100mp starts as low as $659/month. We can help you evaluate the pros and cons of a flexible lease-to-own program.

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Upgrades are available from a variety of cameras, including most high-end dSLRs and other medium format cameras (e.g. Pentax, Hasselblad, Leaf). Contact us for an upgrade quote, and let us help change you over to the most powerful medium format camera in the world.

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We have the largest rental inventory of Phase One camera systems in the world.

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