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What is BREED?

BREED is a selection of high end fashion photography workshops and portfolio days held throughout the world. Digital Transitions has partnered to provide Phase One Medium Format cameras and expertise to most workshops and portfolio building days.

$100 discount from Digital Transitions

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to have experience?

You should have a working knowledge of your dslr. We welcome students who have never been on set at a Fashion shoot or an opportunity to shoot models.

How is the shoot lit?

Melissa Rodwell & the Breed team will set up all of the equipment & lighting, all you’ll need to do is point & click.

Will there be instructors there?

The portfolio day is not a Breed Academy class with lessons from an instructor. It’s designed to emulate 3 professional fashion shoots. You will get to take advantage of the Breed team doing all of the tough work including, casting the models, securing a team, styling the shoot, setting up the lights & handling all aspects of the shoot.

How big are the classes?

The classes will be approximately 15 students. We’ll split into 3 groups and rotate through multiple lighting set ups & models. You will have more than enough to shoot each look. You will likely be able to shoot hundreds of images over the course of the day.

Can I shoot film or medium format cameras?

Yes, you may shoot any system you’d like. Digital Transitions will be providing a Phase One system at one of the stations allowing those who would like to an opportunity to shoot tethered with an on site digitech.

Are discounts available?

Yes, Breed members receive a $100 discount on all portfolio building days with code DIGITALTRANSITIONS.

Do you offer a refund?

Unfortunately, we do not offer refunds, however you may switch to another portfolio building day if it has the availability.