Photographer Jeffrey Totaro on his move to the Trichromatic

We are excited to have our longtime client Jeffrey Totaro share his experiences which lead to his recent upgrade from the Phase One IQ260 to the Phase One IQ3-100 Trichromatic. I recently upgraded to the Phase One IQ3 100 Trichromatic digital back, and I thought I would share some comparisons between it and the Phase […]

Phase One + Cambo!

  Bundle #1 – IQ3 50MP | Cambo WRC 400 | Rodenstock 35mm HR lens  -Compact Mirrorless Wide Angle Technical Camera with shift possibilities -Ideal for Architecture, Interior, Landscape and even hand held social photography       Promo Price $26,990, normally $32,990 Bundle #2 – IQ3 100MP Trichromatic | Cambo WRS 1600 | Rodenstock […]

End of the Year Credo Upgrade Program!

Upgrade your Credo Back to a Phase One 100MP digital back, XF Camera Body and Prime Lens with a 5 Year Value Added Warranty!  Upgrade from Credo 40 to IQ3 100MP System – get 35% discount off full system price  Upgrade from Credo 50 to IQ3 100MP System – get 40% discount off full system […]

DT Building Blocks: AppleScripts – Extending the Power of Capture One

DT BuildingBlocks-AppleSctiptKits

The Power of AppleScripting Effective AppleScripting can make Capture One even more powerful, automating repetitive tasks, and removing drudgery. For example, a commercial photographer might have a thousand images that are carefully cropped to square aspect ratios, and they want to change those crops to a wide/landscape aspect ratio, without changing the location of each […]

Capture One 11 – Layers, Annotations, Scripting, Speed, and Potpourri

What?? You’re not using Capture One? Capture One has really been on a roll the last few years. While others are focused on moving editing to phones or to the cloud, appealing to more casual users, and forcing a rent-your-software model, Phase One has been laser focused on those users who do heavy lifting in […]

Phase One Digital Back, Lenses and Refurb Kit End of Year Promos!

We are near the end of the year and with that comes promos!  IQ3 50 MP – $24,990 This promo includes an XF Body and a prime lens of your choice.  IQ1 50 MP – $19,990 This promo includes an XF Body and an 80mm Blue Ring Lens! IQ3 100MP Refurb w/Value Added Warranty – […]

Digital Transitions Technical Support Specialist – Part Time

As the Technical Support Specialist for our Digital Transitions New York team you will be responsible for offering professional one on one technical supports to our clients and the sales team, equipment testing, updating internal and external RMA and Support Case systems, on-site installations and trainings. This is a public facing position and we are […]